Usery Pass

Usery Pass is one of my favorite places to ride in the Arizona desert. You will enjoy spectacular views of Saguaro cactus and other native plants, as well as views of Four peaks Mountain ranges and Bulldog Canyon. I would rate this area as being the easiest ride out of all of the locations. Most of the riding area is down sand washes and sandy jeep type off roads. Trail rides at Usery often range from 6 - 8 miles in length, taking approximately 2 - 3 hours depending on length of any rest stops.

Here are the directions:

From US 60 Exit on ELLSWORTH Rd. - EXIT 191 Go NORTH on ELLSWORTH Rd 8.5 miles. - (We will be parked on your right, 1.5 miles past USERY PARK.) Some points of reference: About a half mile past McKellips Rd you will pass The USERY PARK (big sign on you right- DONíT take this entrance) and also the Shooting range on your left. Proceed 1.5 miles past USERY PARK, start slowing down and look for a horse trailer parking area on your right. Slow down it is hard to see the parking area ahead of time since the road is curvy.